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H.I.D. Ballasts are integral to a bulb, because an HID bulb creates an arc of electricity inside, it needs something to regulate and shape the electricity into a smooth flow for the bulbs to produce smooth constant light without flicker or distortion. There are two types of ballasts that can be used for HID lighting, magnetic and digital. A magnetic ballast is tried and true technology that operates using heavy coils and condensers to regulate the power to the bulb. A digital ballast uses a much lighter circuit board to regulate the power at a much higher frequency than a magnetic ballast. This means a more constant stream of energy to your bulb for a gain in lumen output.

When choosing an HID system the first thing to take into consideration is the area you want the lighting fixture to illuminate. Based upon this you can choose from several different wattage systems; 1000, 600, and 400 watts are the most common. A 1000 watt system will cover about a 5 x 5 ft area, a 600 about a 4 x 4, and a 400 will cover an area of about 3.5 x 3.5 ft.

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